To make sure that we have the same expectations for our time together I ask that all new suitors please review before our date.


Good hygiene  goes a long way in making good first impressions, you can always expect me to be immaculately groomed, in turn I would appreciate the same after all nothing is more appealing to a lady than a freshly showered and manscaped man. Please come showered or you may be asked to shower when you arrive, I do provide fresh towels and other necessities at my upscale condo to prepare yourself for our date.


I will always be on time for our date so I ask that you be on time as well,  how ever I do understand sometimes things come up and if your running behind please let me know and keep me updated on when you will arrive I will do my best to accommodate if I'm able. If you happen to arrive early please wait until the agreed scheduled time before entering. Please do not overstay and be courteous of my time I understand sometimes we may get lost in the experience but if you would like to extend our time together and my schedule allows please have the remaining extension donation available in cash.

Deposit & Cancellation Policy

All bookings are to be made in at least 24 - 48 hours in advance. I do put energy and effort into making sure we have the best experience possible, so I do need time to prepare my self and make that a reality. I require a 25% deposit on bookings less than 4 hours. For  longer encounters I require a 50% deposit which will go towards your scheduled appointment. If you cannot make it to our scheduled appointment your deposit will go towards a rescheduled future date within 30 days.