"A woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely past times, charm and cultivation of life's pleasures and intimacy in the most rawest form." 


Let's Get Aquainted

Allow me to introduce my self. My name is Arianna Belle, a luxury companion residing in Calgary, Alberta. Being in my early twenties and possessing an enchanting mind, body and soul, my inquisitive self decided to delve into this exotic secret world only to discover it is my calling! I found it a perfect fit for my audacious spirit and my desire to bring joy and fulfillment to others .


I am a natural empath and sense others' needs, and so you'll find it easy to connect with me. I've found my ability lends itself well when learning and engaging in intellectual conversations, both of which I enjoy doing. I have so many interests and am always seeking to expand my knowledge base, whether the topic is self-development, history, politics, metaphysics, and economics. Knowledge is power after all. And as much as I love to learn, I have a talent for teaching and love to share what I know.


Physically, I am sure you would find me quite captivating. I am petite and have a mesmerizing hourglass figure, dark long hair and exotic and alluring features. I love to keep in shape and live a healthy balanced lifestyle so I take care of myself and work out regularly.

When I am not busy being Arianna Belle you could mostly find me studying cryptocurrency and the investment world, or learning more about my Ukrainian background whilst becoming fluent in the language, trying new cuisines, and exploring the finer things in life.

Have I peaked your interest? If so, perhaps we can meet for a night out on the town and enjoy each other’s company over a glass of wine and some fine dining and then we could visit a local event. Or if you prefer to be in a more private and intimate setting, I would be flattered to cook us a delicious meal and then over indulge in a delightful dessert in my condo, paired with a glass of bubbly. Or maybe you have some ideas of your own! I am always open to adventures and surprises, so please feel free to share your interests and ideas!

Escape with me

We often find ourselves so immersed in our daily lives and routines that we forget the importance of human connection and intimacy. In the current world it is becoming more and more of a challenge, if not elusive, while feelings of isolation have grown. But both connection and intimacy are essential to our mental, physical and emotional well-being. We must take care of ourselves  to help create balance and authentic meaningful connection is a huge part of that.


I can help. I am an expert at creating and holding space for human connection. I will awaken all your sensory perceptions, and remind you of what is important. You will be seen, heard, and felt. 

Spoil Me

Although gifts are never expected but they are always greatly appreciated, if you feel generous and want to spoil me here are some things  I really enjoy and that make me smile.

Luxury Gifts



US 7.5|EURO 38|UK 5.5

UK/CAN/US 32 D|EURO 70 D| Panties & Garters S 



Standard Gifts


  • Orchids

  • Roses

  • Lillies



  • Champagne (Veuve Clicquoit, Moet, Dom Perignon)

  • Vodka (Grey Goose, Ciroc)

  • D'Usse VSOP Cognac



I met Ari last week, and I can honestly say that it was a very different experience. I have spent time with a few highly reviewed GFE providers here, but Ari was different. I have never been more myself with any other provider in my first meeting. She is real, very decent and polite, and was ready for the experience mentally and physically. The experience could be expressed as two adults attracted to each other exploring each other. Her beauty is amazing. 
I am happy for meeting her, and look forward to spending some quality time with her in the coming days. 
You must check her out, She truly is classy




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